nondualism union

How can we be about anything? other than this experience! Are we even the experience itself. Truth be known we don’t really know what we are about! We will never know what we are about. But, lets talk about it anyway, so there is no confusion.


is non dual awareness

nondual tantra


is the quality of of non duality- it is fully embodying all that we are, understanding our true nature as all, as one with the universe. Union is the goal, union of all parts of ourselves, we do this through awareness through awakening to truth.

Yet truth cannot be known. this is felt, is experienced directly.

nondual contemplation art


Non-duality or union, is a creative process of reconditioning, unraveling, transforming and uniting with reality or ones true nature. Join us for a genuine expression of this through creativity and sometimes even humour .

There is no one to contact, no thing to do anything only union – oneness.

awakeing tarot