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So, shall we get to know each other a little better? Create a space, so the sharing can arise from a place of comfort, safety, familiarity. A little humility perhaps.

Spirituality Awakening Creativity

art and spirituality

I feel it’s a good idea.

I drew a book

I didn’t really mean to. It kind of just happened.

That’s how life becomes, when one is no thing and all things.  It was kind of about me, but also not.

It was a process of reconciliation of  a journey that never really happened, but one that had to happen for the book to be written.


It’s a book about awakening creativity and spirituality. About being awake in love and life and heartbreak and healing. It’s a drawing of life. About art, Buddhism, The Tao, Hinduism, Psychology, Rumi, letting go and nothing all at once. I call it yoga art. awakening creativity

It’s really a pastiche of wisdom that grapples with the suffering and joys of authenticity and awakening to one’s true self in contemporary life and the yoga path. Giving life to the surrendering and truth, irrevocable on the path; it is a candid yet compassionate insight into modern art and spirituality through a spontaneous creative process. The awareness of life.

So I’ll share it with you here, because I want us to be clear, to be OK with each other, Safe. And if I show you mine you might show me yrs :).


nondual spirituality
Heart opening asana

The Introduction

I struggled with a couple of issues writing this book.

Firstly, I had a difficult time reconciling the idea of such a personal interpretation of my journey. Is it in alignment with spiritual teachings? Is that the right message? Is it too ego oriented? Will that be helpful or a hindrance?

In contemporary spiritual circles there is a commentary on Advaita, or nondualism; which tackles the concepts of a personal self. It is mostly a philosophical or intellectual debate about oneness and separation.

Some teachings and teachers believe that if we have a sense of self we can not be liberated.

Although, I don’t claim to be liberated, I have experienced times of the dissolving of the self and have found this integral to my coming into my authentic self, my true nature, I have paradoxically also had to go into myself, my sense of identity and body and conditioned mind to arrive there.

The awakening experience for me has not been an end to self, although this may seem true at times, but a coming into truth of self, a greater self than what was known prior to any awakening event.

I find it important to show all facets of the mind through awakening and the only person I am able to do this so sincerely with is myself. So I let go of that struggle.

Secondly, my ego mind struggled with the structure of the book. It wanted things to be in sequence, in a certain order.

Yet, the truth is, things were not in order, in logical sequence. Art is a creative process, outside time.

It was important to me that my spirit was the main director of this book and it kept directing back to the truth. To record things in order as they happened, not as a contained categorical logic that would please my conditioned mind.

It was a continual process of letting go. Yet, it was wonderful to allow this freedom and to see it’s natural flow.

I hope you find it equally enjoyable and liberating.
Warm blessings

Art and Spirituality Page 1

The Transcending Woman After Raphael
Oil pencil on print paper

This day I was finding my mind difficult. My heart was aching. I wanted things to be different. I knew I had
to let go. I had to go in, deep within, and find where the resistance and pain was abiding.
After two hours of contemplative meditation, in which I was guided to express my experience,
I drew the transcending woman and I felt release. I transcended the suffering, I began to accept the loss.

nondual practice

I have used the reference of “Head of a muse” by Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) .

Raphael was an Italian born painter (1483-1520).“Head of a Muse” is a practice drawing by Raphael, used as
a study for one of his frescoes in the Vatican which was commissioned by Pope Julius II.

The innocence and awe in her face resonated with my experience.

End of page 1

Art and spirituality Page 2

Surrender into Nature After Degas and Corot
Oil chalks on print paper

Today I awoke with a sense of surrender and a deep longing for nature. I was drawn to Edgar Degas’ ‘After
the bath’ . It resonated with my resting into the ordinary. I then used Corot’s impression of nature as a reference to express my longing to be in nature.

spirituality art

Something, an energy, recently awoke in me
and I can’t stop drawing.
Artist’s faces come into my night time visions,
almost calling me
“It’s my turn”.

End of Page 2

Art and spirituality Page 3

The Hawk as Messenger
Oil pastels on paper

A Hawk circled around my head three times, on three separate occasions.

spirituality and art
hawk upon third eye

Then, a Hawk came into my meditation.
It felt as though I was the Hawk.
I felt it’s strength, its flight, it’s will, it’s power.
It felt like a message. So, I drew it.
I tried to express the sense of it moving through me – through my
third eye.
The star represents the Pentagram (the five pointed star), the sign of protection in pagan

Art and spirituality Page 4

Sometimes on the spiritual path animals, birds and elements of
nature come bearing significant symbolism.

I believe this is happening most (or all) of the time, on any
path. It’s a matter of whether or not we have the openness
to see it.

This is more commonly known in Shamanism. Referred to as

But, throughout the traditions, religions and philosophies, both
East and West, animals and plants have provided useful
myths and messages.

Recently, before I began my artistic expressions of the classics,
a Hawk was coming to me.

I drew it.

I drew it to get a more integrated sense of it’s meaning in my

End of Page 4

So you get the idea  you can continue to  Read it Here for FREE


The Art of Modern Spirituality and heartbreak-ilovepdf-compressed

if you have trouble with the download send me an email and i will send you a pdf copy 🙂 feedourhungry@gmail.com

My heart mind hopes you enjoy it. If you have any questions, or a story, you can comment below.

Thank you





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10 Replies to “Spirituality and Art – Nondual Awakening”

  1. What a powerful expression Thank you for reaching out. What a beautiful creative depiction of what so many are feeling and going through. Your art is playful and divine. I myself have had many ‘experiences’ and a tumultuous time on this path, also one i did not choose. I would love to hear about your awakening experience. I know it is simply a story, but the more we hear about these things and the more we communicate and understand, the closer we get to overcoming the pain that some of us no things experience. Thank you from my soul xx
    Sri Lanka

    1. So lovely of you Sachin. What a beautiful name. I just looked it up it means essence. Wonderful. Iv’e had one elaborate life altering experience, and a couple of others not so flashy (more deepening of realisation) and I will contemplate it, see what comes up – it was 15 years ago now .. so much has not happened since then 🙂
      May your heart be filled with love
      Megsie xx

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