Awakening to No Self – Awareness

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Many people are undergoing an awakening.  A waking up to to their true nature!  What does this even mean.


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Contemporary society has become a little rough, our frontal cortex has grown somewhat out of shape – or out of control. It’s taken over our insight; our capacity to navigate the world or the universe and many are losing their minds. A good thing right.

Well maybe not. If there is no mind, no person, nothing happening, then what’s the point?

As a counsellor, I’m finding this a tricky one to breathe into.  This seems to be the existential crisis many are awakening to, within  the healing crisis. Some are getting caught in a transcendental state in the void of no thing.

It’s a necessary realisation, a beautiful realisation, it serves its purpose.

And, let’s come back down to Earth people. Can’t you see it’s burning alive!

nondual awakening

Non-dual Now

Is here to straighten things out a little. To bring us back to beginners mind, to the creativity that Non dualism has apparently transcended; to the self . The crisis of the SELF! To open up to NOW!

No Goal

There is no goal. We are hoping that being in the void together, a Sangha of sorts, will bring about a shared creativity that brings insight into the truth , no bullshit!

nonduality dharma

That we take responsibility for our Self and the world.

That we gather resources and creativity and contemplation in union and love follows.

Love is not the goal but the driving force.

We hope that we can start a conversation on consciousness that brings us into reality, into the body, the mind and the spirit, into Union in this life, this breath!

What is awakening

We awaken from the conditioned mind and realise there is something more or other or else.  I’ll let this guy explain it – Culadasa explains awakening from the Buddhist perspective here and it is wonderful!

I Awoke

This morning with ‘nondualnow’ reverberating  my mind and as I live spontaneously it came to me to create this site to start a conversation, a question, an answer and so here I am. Who I am, I do not know. I live alone, almost a hermit in a thriving yet dying city.  I want to connect with other awake people.

nondual asana

So here I am embodying my spontaneous invitation to open wide to the creativity that comes from my own experience of life. My continued awakening and hopefully yours.

Wanting to collect and share stories of Awakening. To share the creative process of consciousness and to open up dialogue of potentiality with no idea, no concept of how it will evolve. Bringing in the relative of the absolute if you will :).

nondual art

Happy to answer anyone’s questions, hear anyone’s story (post in comments below) and/or see what happens as a means to imbibe and realise truth…. in the mean time my heart mind hopes you enjoy my crazy wisdom art that may pop up occasionally.. spontaneously of course 🙂

Anyway I’m off to my non-practice practice, for no reason at all!

Here is an amazing talk on spirituality and creativity by Jean Houston that will blow your mind


Warmth from my heart



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9 Replies to “Awakening to No Self – Awareness”

  1. This is very funny. I look forward to see what evolves. Beautiful artwork. I have read half your book and it is very raw and tugs at the heartstrings as well us giving hope. Thank you for your being 🙂

    1. Thank you Mandy… Look forward to some dialogue as questions may arise, or maybe some art who knows what may happen.
      Love and warmth

    1. Thank you for receiving it Stephen, glad you find it pleasing.
      Hope my creative spirit is able to bring more as ‘time’ passes 🙂
      love Megsie

  2. I’m particularly interested in your approach. I love that you are alive in your creativity. It’s dynamic, raw and provocative. I’m also keen to hear about your awakening experience as I feel there is depth to your image and message. Thank you dear soul
    Virginia x

    1. It’s not really me :). Thanks for your appreciation.. I will eventually share my ‘story’. In the spirit of non-dual awareness of course.
      Warm blessing to you

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