Awareness is an Art – Being Non-dual

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nondual being

Non-dual Awareness is

An art. A creative impulse.

non dual awareness

Awakening. Contemplating. Meditating.

We all begin somewhere

Nondual Proposition #1

Awakening happens.

awareness meditation

Contemplation begins as we awaken. Many say we don’t have to do anything, there is no doer, no need to meditate, to contemplate. This is discovered. Usually after many years of meditating and/or contemplating.

Nondual Proposition #2

When you still think the Big Self is outside you

awareness art

As we awaken, we meditate or become aware of the stillness.

When we begin to meditate (or be aware of awareness), we notice our thoughts (our self) and we realise there is something other than us – other than our identified self.

We think it is outside us.

This is when we transcend our consciousness.

Sometimes we get stuck here and we think we have no self.ย  We are only that transcended self. Or become identified with that no self.


Nondual Proposition #3

There is no picture to draw ๐Ÿ™‚

There is no universe.

Only Intelligence

Awareness is

Awakening is

Being is

Oneness is

Yoga is

Non-duality is


embody non duality

Nondual Proposition #4

I mean thereโ€™s always another perspective. Isnโ€™t there.

Big Self, little self. (Union)

nondual art

Then we stub our toe. It hurts. A lot. Still.

We become still and realise that we are both the transcended self and the pain in our toe.

As we continue awakening or meditating we begin to integrate the two split selves – the transcended self and the sore toe self.

Nondual Proposition #5

You are the universe and so am I

self awareness

We experience ourselves as one with the universe.

In yoga there is a Sanskrit saying โ€˜Sohamโ€™, pronounced ‘So hum’. It translates basically as โ€œI amโ€. It is a fundamental principle and an ancient meditation as well as a mantra that helps us to come into harmony with life and the flow of the universe.

If we think about it (unless of course we have a Siddhi that allows otherwise) โ€“ we only see the world, the universe from our own eyes, our own mind, our own perception. Therefore we are the universe. I am ๐Ÿ™‚

I used the circle as the basis of this design because it is a familiar symbol in all the philosophies and the traditions โ€“ representing the cyclic nature of life and in some cases the universe. I added the crosses as they symbolise our mortality within the universe โ€“ the four points representing : self, nature, wisdom, and higher power or being:)

Non-duality is Dualism United

Nondual Proposition #6

The creative impulse continues

nondual yoga

We continue to have a body, until we don’t.

The yoga continues. The awareness continues, the love deepens and expands to others. Other bodies.

Being love.

But the love was there all along.

Now we are it!

In Harmony. In flow. Creative. In Love. With our neurosis.

Being Non-dual Awareness

I love Jac O’keefe‘s down to Earth and articulate talks on non-dualism

Warm blessings


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  1. Wow. I love your artistic take on spirituality. It’s very beautiful. Thank you. Where have you been hiding ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lots of love
    Cynthia, Spain

    1. Oh thanks Cynthia, glad I made it all the way to Spain ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for yr appreciation. I’m hiding under the Mango tree here in Brisbane
      warm blessings

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