Divine Feminine and Emptiness (the hindrance of Buddhism)

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Emptiness Buddhism

The Divine Light of Creativity

rises up in Emptiness as Sarawsti, the first impulsion of intuition

The Divine Feminine
divine feminine
Saraswati of the West
Oh sweet Goddess


born of whispers

you who sprout truth

in hues of paint

tender tones

Adagio upon my pulse

Oh sweet lover wrap me in your mantra

When you realise how good things are you will tilt your head back and look at the sky – Gautama

From the breast of Durga दुर्गा

trump joke

Rises the expulsion of the Patriarch

It’s a slow process. A careful one

The mother of the universe

an unfathomable force

known and unknown

on the tip of Ones tongue

Everybody is talking about Shakti

The Divine Feminine and the rise in consciousness

non-duality and Kundalini Awakening

Divine Feminine comes in all shades
Me, I have been experiencing an intense light lately

It’s powerful, fierce, forceful


I’m a little ecstatic

It’s difficult to talk to ordinary people again

My heart is exploding



I’m reading the Secret of the Vedas and the Synthesis of Yoga

Simultaneously, Ecstatically

carl jung and aurobindo

And this is where it began.

Each time I begin to read one of these books a light fills me, a golden light that fades into a colorless light; a vibration and each cell in my body feels illuminated, I feel blissful and ecstatic.

I’ve had this before, but not from reading a book.

Well actually, except for when I read Muktananda’s ‘Play of Consciousness’, 3 months ago.  But, that’s another story!

morning light

I can only read one or two paragraphs at a time with the Vedas and usually 2 or 3 pages with the Synthesis .

I’m absorbing the words and the knowledge

and everything I have experienced thus far feels anew

I’m having flashbacks of events in my life and seeing them all with a new perspective, a luminosity.

night light

And I’m learning about the cow of the Rishis

The psychological cow

The spiritual cow

The illumined wisdom

The metaphor of the river of Saraswati

The intuitive principle

The simplicity of the truth

It feels like a window being cleared of fog

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction – Picasso

Picasso’s Window
‘Love don’t grow on trees’

This is not Rumi

I drew this without any intention and had no idea what would emerge.

Afterwards I realised it’s the 6 of cups.

Cups represent love and the deeper effects of our emotions in relation to our relationships.

The six of cups traditionally depicts a time after a loss were one is transitioning from the grief and has undergone a process of realising the frailty of life and the importance of love and its true expression in the world. Its value.

It’s kind of like the heart being broken open wide for us to love more deeply or authentically.

I’m not experiencing this transition at the moment but I have in the past.

And it seems everyone around me is.

So I begin emptying  out.




The usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness

And in my emptiness there is no love.

There really is nothing here


And here in this moment I realise Buddhism is incomplete

That something else is calling me

Lakshmi my beloved लक्ष्मी,

She comes to me sometimes


In the form of lovers and tea cups,

Promises of a prosperity

Sometimes as a honeycombed smile of a stranger

as wood ducks and rivers

or the calm of a lake

her love pouring forth

in her smooth grace

warming my heart

with compassion

dismantling my ego

The sweet gift of the morning stillness and the seeing of the beauty in the ordinary

and I move her into my heart and let her vibrate there

and a kindness arises

 Buddha is back

I swear that guys got it in for me

Begginer’s Mind

Diligence Patience Effortlessness

I’ve also been spending hours in silence.

Long hours of silence

it’s sweeter than sweet

It helps me give more of mySelf in my counselling

I feel myself transforming

a shift is occurring

diversions and issues

And there is that Emptiness and that Shakti

an illumination

they are not separate

they are one

It’s better to travel well than to arrive

So I’m walking a lot to move the energy

and I’m observing the world

A woman is walking
yesterday’s problems forgotten
she goes into the cafe
A latte for the soul
Head hanging back laughter filling the field
As thoughts and words are shared by a friend
Of a date in history where meals were eaten and the music flowed as the waiter entertained and filled his pockets with tips of life
A man passed with tears in his eyes and the sadness is felt

grasping Buddhis
Grasping the Buddhist concept

But you know it’s all ok
And you look up and a crows on a tightrope, an electrical wire
Looking at you and you look at it
And you know it knows
Something you don’t know
And a man in a suit hits you with his left shoulder
Rushing rushing
Rushing for life
And the crows still looking
Black wings and wide eyed
and a woman’s reading a book to understand to find clues on life
and you know the crows knows something she will never know
and the car screeches and a horn hoots
A man is angry at the sad man with tears in his eyes
Yelling abuses ‘get off the road you bloody idiot’
He’s missed him by a fraction and you look at the crow and you know
the crow knows something the man doesn’t know
and the woman’s date ended with a tipsy goodbye forever
And the laughter pours from the friends latte
And the man in the suit scuttles off with a slight apology
Hurrying for life
The crow is joined by a myna bird
Now it’s looking too
And you have to go to the toilet
To breathe a little
And you feel the sheer bliss of doing a wee
And you realise even the toilet paper is divine
And it’s only 9am

As we investigate ways to quiet the mind and open our hearts there is a wisdom a depth, and a love. Our Sādhana in and of itself is an act of love; giving us the reminder to be fully present to all of humanity, all of life.

Our increasing ability to meet our circumstances, our joys and sorrows gives us a freedom to live more fully in the energies of this universe. To dig deeper into the stillness, the silence.

The fullness of emptiness
‘Everything is a mirror of yourself(ie)’
Where we are energised with Love

Warm blessings


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  1. What a lovely surprise to find this site. Thank you for sharing your being, it is wonderful to come across you. The creativity is flowing from and your innocence is marvelous and appreciated.

  2. A beautiful creative sutra. The way you thread is unusual but it comes together in the end in a kind of liberating way 😀
    Portugal 🇵🇹

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