Kali Ma Goddess of Transformation- Ego Death

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Kali transformation

The Art of Kali

She comes every now and then,

Kali Maa

kali nondual

She comes fiercely.. not in the aggressive sense.. more in a fully embodying consuming powerful kind of way

She comes when most needed, even when you don’t know she’s needed

She is the goddess of time

She moves through you

And creates the mirror of yourself through her

Through her brush strokes

spiritual art
Surrendering self

Kali is the goddess of destruction

It’s quite overriding

She moves you into an ecstasy

Right to the edge of yr self

Where the guru whites get hued and blued

Darkness arrives

nondual ego death

Kali is  the goddess of death

Ego death


So I’ve stepped back somewhat

Into the Tao

After her visit last night

I’m now gently feeling my way through

nondual tao
The Tao


And she’s calmer; almost beautiful

Oh Kali

transforamtion art

But she wont let me rest

Till the last brush stroke lightens the dark

Transforming me again

Om Kleeem Maha Kali Yei Namah


represents destruction, entropy, transformation. Kali serves as a guru to truth, as she greases the wheels of enlightenment. She enforces the breakdown of samskaras (deep seated patterns of thought & behavior); removing negativity from our energy fields by entering into it. Kali stirs inner reality with the fire of shakti. She has a sweet yet fiery fierceness.

If you want to know more about Kali, my favorite (and the most comprehensive) Western explanation is from  Sally Kempton, in Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga.

Also I love Vera de Chalambert‘s raw, vulnerable and fully human talk on Kali

Warm blessings


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9 Replies to “Kali Ma Goddess of Transformation- Ego Death”

  1. WOW! Thank you, this site is so much fun. I Looove yr interpretation, the way you subtly directly ‘point to the moon’. you make it look so simple, yet somehow depict the suffering. It’s really really good. Blessings to you for this expression of truth finding 🙂

    1. Thanks Jojo, it’s not really me doing it 🙂 Fun is important, I mean where is the joy in no fun? hehe. The Lila of the yin and yang, it’s all inside us, I’m deeply grateful that I have found a way to move it out and to share it with like minded others 🙂

  2. Dear author
    I found your sight today and feel so happy, It is so refreshing to see some creativity in this spiritual scene on the inter webs, such an important aspect of spirituality that is often not shared, to feel it without the words, all the ramblings of Advaita Vedanta. images and some light hearted offerings, so clear. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  3. I’ve just stumbled across this site, it’s so inspiring. I’m interested in your awakening process, it seems very rich. I’m wondering what life was like before your initial experience?
    Love Penny

    1. Thanks penny.. it was probably very much the same just that I wasn’t consciously aware of it – a Lot crazier actually 😀. As all these things were going on inside just now I express them, I realise them 🔥

    1. Hi micheal thanks 🙏, send me yr address to feedourhungry@gmail and I’ll get a copy printed and send it to you if you like.. so happy you like it and get it ⭐️

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