Kundalini Awakening – Individuation of Self

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nondual individuation


Kundalini is the spiritual or yogic equivalent of Jung’s Individuation process, of knowing oneself and integrating all aspects of the Self.

Today I was contemplating individuation (in the Jungian sense) and I drew this spontaneously

kundalini awakening

Individuation is a term coined by the psychologist Carl Jung.

For Jung, individuation is any process ones goes through of becoming aware of ones true nature or self; beyond the conditioned conscious mind.

Jung trusted that by coming into awareness of our unconscious mind (which effects our life often unknowingly) and meeting with our shadow, we could become fully integrated individuals; living connected to all beings.

This can be a psychologically and/or spiritually painful process as we have many hidden (shadow) parts to our psyche that we prefer to keep unrevealed (fear). They have often been rejected in childhood by family and/or society and therefore have been repressed. Self realisation requires a meeting and acceptance of our shadow self.


I drew this picture recently when I was processing how long this spiritual journey has been and how I am still always evolving; deepening.

kundalini yoga
spiritual awakening

Kundalini is becoming a popularised phenomena, usually misunderstood; with Western popular culture aggrandizing it into a sexual or manifestation power that can be forced and controlled.

Nondualism meditation
Surrender Meditation
As introduced by the Yogas,

it is a powerful primordial life force that is beyond the conception of the human mind and is that which creates us, not us it!

“We pray to the Paradevata united with Shiva, whose substance is the pure nectar or bliss, red like unto vermillion, the young flower of the hibiscus, the sunset sky, who having crept her way thru the mass of sound issuing from the clashing and dashing of the two winds in the midst of the Sushumana, rises to the brilliant energy which glitters with the lustre of ten million lightnings. May she the Kundalini, who quickly goes to and returns from Shiva, grant us the fruit of Yoga! She being awakened is the cow of plenty to Kaulas, and the Kalpa Creeper of all things desired for those who worship her.”

– Sarada Tilaka Tantra

Kundalini, means a “spiral” or “coil”.  It is compared to a serpent that lies coiled while resting or sleeping. It is said that it rises through energy systems (when awoken), as Sakti or Shakti, in our body (often fiercely) clearing them to dissolve our conditioned self; to become a higher Self – our whole Self.

In Yoga, Kundalini  or Kundalini Shakti means the “coiled power.” Shakti the energy or energy power.

Kundalini Awakening
Spiritual crisis

She can arise spontaneously or it is said to happen through spiritual practice, in particular in the Tantric traditions it can be a goal. It can cause a disorientation, or a dramatic shift in us. Many people, although not all go into a spiritual crisis, its a really good idea to get some guidance at this time.

Awakening energy of transformation

The  phenomena is found in most traditions and mystical cultures but, with different names and cultural story lines.

The transformation from matter, or limitlessness, to light and “spirit” is universally acknowledged as the task of Kundalini, the Divine conscious power that resides within us. In Hindu traditions it is said to be a feminine power- a creative force!

Awakening shakti
Kali Shakti

And we all know not to mess with the feminine!

Here is a wonderful discussion on Kundalini

Know thyself – Socrates

Socrates advised us to know ourselves. He was talking about the individuation process. He was talking about understanding how we and the universe work, so that we become optimal.

kundaini spirit
kundalini transformation

I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening or experience some 15 years back. At the time I had no information, no idea at all what was happening. I had no yogic or spiritual knowledge beyond my early Catholic years.

Fortunately it was a blissful experience and I had no fear what so ever.

Yet it shook up my world, the blissful experience was just an experience and was followed by intense psychological upheaval and a period of dark night experience (s). Transforming my entire reality.

Kundalini Awakening
Transformation art

Now, after many years of deep contemplation, meditating and reconditioning the mind, I live an ordinary life helping others and enjoying a deeper connection to life, nature and the unknown; with a unique sense of creativity and flow.

For anyone experiencing this I would advise to steer clear of google search for information and become informed by seeking help from a person who has lived and understands this deeply, eg Spiritual emergence network or at least become informed by the reading a thoroughly researched book such as ‘The Serpent Power” or Tantra Illuminated  or Sri Aurobindo’s Synthesis of Yoga, so that you have an informed map to work with.

To learn more about Kundalini from a scholar of Sanskrit and Indian philosophy and someone who also has personal experience within the tradition watch this video 🙂

Warm blessings


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