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mystical experience

Mystical experiences come and go

So too the human exists knowing unknowing forgetful
“The infinite is bliss. There is no bliss in anything finite. Only the Infinite is bliss. One must desire to understand the Infinite.” … (Chandogya Up. 7.23.1)
mystical love
upward Cat pose


Looking for truth.

Looking into things experientially.

Not knowing anything, not being aware of any tradition. Looking for the truth behind everything. The stream of consciousness comes flowing through.

infinite bliss
Lady in waiting

Whether you are at the alpha or the omega, the beta beats of the spiritual path; the beginning middle or end, silence will become a matter of importance.

Spiritual or not, silence is important

It’s unavoidable.

alpha Omega
The art of seeing

One becomes silent, wordless

As I sit
Of days
As I  Move
Into earth
Toes in soil
Squish squash
Tired bones
Resting soul
Roars of thunder
As the skies
Welcome in
A new earth

mystical shakti

In the mystical traditions, there are many accounts across all esoteric paths of knowledge a common thread of  mystical experience being had in a state of stillness or silence.

Or a silence falling upon one.

Lay thy head in the language of silence

mystical silence
‘Megsophelia and the arrow of eros’
There is a poem
Of arrows in the heart
The ache of eros
I’ll dress in sombre attire
And comb my hair
I’ll pick flowers
And lay down in rivers
I’ll walk mountains
And whistle at the pretty birds
For you
O Cupida
where for art thou
Pierce my heart’
For the poem
Must be written
For the heart
must be broken

Grace is ever present

“You cannot see That which is the Seer of seeing; you cannot hear That which is the Hearer of hearing; you cannot think of That which is the Thinker of thought; you cannot know That which is the Knower of knowledge. This is your Self, that is within all; everything else but This is perishable.” (Br. Up. 3.4.2)
In the Yogas, the Vedic texts and in particular the Upanishads you will find the fundamental principle of all metaphysical consideration is Brahman ब्रह्मा,
sat chit ananda

Brahman in Hindu refers to the single essential oneness from which comes the diversity of all that exists in the universe, or the creative principle that comes before all manifestation.

It is the all pervading, undivided, infinite, eternal truth without gender, which is bliss. Which does not change, yet is the cause of all changes. In the Upanishads it is referred to as Sat Chit Ananda (existence -consciousness-bliss).

The Fool in the tarot (for a western mystical example) represents this part of us in the human body.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot

The purpose of understanding this principle in Yoga is to raise our consciousness.

-For us as human beings (or awareness) to become aware of ourselves – our true nature – Brahman/Brahma.

In Buddhism we see this as Buddha nature

In Taoism it’s called the Tao – that which cannot be named

In the Kabbalistic tradition it is Hashem (literally, The Name)

This is considered our reason for existence.

The Lila – the play of consciousness experiencing itself.

silence yoga

The Brahmina

Oxymoron Paradox Synchronicity

Oh thee
For thou
Whoith make waves
Must also
Take the
The time
To floateth
Upon them
For an ocean
Without a sailboat
Is a like love
Without the beloved
A kiss
Devoid a kisser
A song
Without a singer
A mind
Without matter
Oh thou
She will find you
in the spaces
Beyond time
Where the sun
And the moon

silence spiruality
The hanged (wo)man Tarot

Mantra – sounds of Silence

Mantra has the capacity to invoke silence. A pathway to that which is truth. Although the mantra contains the possibility for truth, it may not be the truth itself.

For the experience of truth is the wordless language, the sounds of silence, or that which lay beyond.

Love itself.


mystical love

Mystical Experience can awaken the Soul

The darkness had dawned

In that moment all strength had gone, I was crippled. The darkness had dawned in the very core of me and I fell to the floor weeping.

I had been crying on and off for a few days, the loss was too much, I was left alone, there was nobody left and I had this child, this beautiful child to guide and feed and psychologise and love but I had nothing left.

The dream was over.

the dream was not my dream

This day the grief took hold and I lay in fetal position for about an hour in the hall way.

A spontaneous weakness, a dark crippling uncontrollable loss of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual control.

I fell.


Megsie Pieta
Pietà upon Megsie
Then a light moved upon me

Like mini visions between the space of my wretched tears, my entire life flashed before me. I saw every decision, every interaction and every relationship I had ever endured.

I felt each emotion they invoked, I saw their meaning, like a shadow in the backdrop of the activity. Confronted by the stark reality of their truth.

I saw my behaviours words and actions and the effects they had on the other.

I lay there for some time overcome.

mystical vision

On the hour  after the hour, I began to call to God/Goddess/Universe (who I had abandoned 20 years prior in my adolescence), screaming for answers.

This seemed futile, and finally upon the breath I asked in reverence for forgiveness.

My breath took me over and silence filled me.

I seemed to disappear for a time

Yet was aware

It is indescribable

Eventually, I called out for truth

“Please give me  truth, please I will do whatever it takes.”

There was a sound like a whisper in my ear “you don’t want the truth, it is hard journey, much suffering will occur, you will have to let go, you will have to show yourself”

voice of the gods
the toneless voice of the wise ones

I spoke back with confidence and determined plea.

“I want surrender, I want truth, I want to find my soul. I want to live in the ordinariness of truth.  I will do whatever it takes. Anything .”

This poured fourth from my heart, words from the silence, conscious, unconscious.

Suddenly I was filled with a spontaneous light.

A white light had filled my entire body and surrounded me. My mind activity completely ceased and I was laying there in peace and utter stillness.

Colours started filling my vision; strange prisms, circles and spurts of illuminated patterns. No thoughts, just these beautiful and somehow meaningful colours.

silent light
mystical sun rays

The face of Buddha appeared, then Yeshua, then Isis, Mary Magdalene, Yoganunda. and many others that I was not familiar with, but who were like au fait strangers.

And so began the paradox of awakening and truth.

Each face presenting itself to me then moving into my mind and flowing into my body, appearing to penetrate each cell. There was no intellectual recognition, it was simply occurring. No judgement, no analysis just a spaciousness; a peace that was expansive and still.


This finally ended and I lay there for some time until a sound like a voice reverberated in my ear “Meditation, you have been wanting to meditate for years, there is no-one  stopping you now. Begin now”

This voice seemed to come from deep within, but wasn’t mine or didn’t feel like me. Yet so familiar.

My heart softened.

Something in me longed for this meditation that I knew nothing about. Other than it felt familiar inside me, a feeling, a yearning a peace.

the mystic vision

My mind started to return. Mysterious.

It told itself that madness had taken me. That I had finally lost the plot. That those who had left me had been sane to do so. That those that had come before me stating ‘you’re crazy, you’re weird, you’re so different” had been right all along.

But something was different in me, some connection to this madness; an acceptance. So I decided in that moment to allow my madness to come forward, “they ain’t seen nothing yet”. To embrace it and to let it pour out of me. I’d held it in too long.

mystical art
The ontologist’s day off

I went to the computer and Googled ‘meditation” (it was 15 years ago)

I downloaded a free trial meditation. I listened to it straight away. Immediately I went back into that state of spaciousness, the pure light and no thought. I felt deep intense peace.

SILENCE – the book of life

mystical book of life
The book of life

I then looked up all the Ascended Masters, Gods, wisdom teachers and discovered that the ones I had seen in my visions where tangible – their pictures sat before me on the computer like a daydream.

Lakshmi  Athena  Lao Tzu  Rumi  Einstein

I felt a union with my so called madness.

I decided I was going to be celibate and alone for one year and dedicate myself to meditation and inner inquiry and to be the most loving, strong and available person to my daughter and all those that came into my life from then on.

Along with a vow to fully immerse myself in understanding what had happened to me.


mystical thinking
thinking outside the box

I then sat and did my first two hour meditation (and have not missed a day since).

And there followed an extraordinary opening, an awakening and an adventure of love and nature and bonding and discovery and perpetual healing that I could never have before imagined.

Needless to say it was transcendental. But, wrapped in the ordinary, coated in the intensity of pain and joy;  an experience of deeper loving, releasing of anger and shedding, shedding of the ego – this wordly madness that I had been so connected to.

Over the next 5 years Buddha consciousness kept knocking on my door.

And here the real awakening story begins.

mantra and silence


  It is a wonderful opening of Self and discovery – to sit quietly and contemplate on the deeper qualities of the three seed words of the SELF:
Existence Consciousness Bliss

I invite you here, as a recommendation to do this every day for 5 to 10 minutes – longer if possible. This will create new neural pathways in the brain that will in effect open up the mind to a greater understanding of reality, as well as creating a connection to the greater Self.

Some call this meditation, some being, some have no words for it.

love banksi
Banski mystical vision
SAT (Existence)

“In the beginning, my dear, this [universe] was Being (Sat) alone, one only without a second.” (Chandogya Upanishad 6.2.1 also Aitareya Upanishad 1.1.1)

“All this that we see in the world is Brahman.” Sanskrit: sarvam khalv idam brahma. (Chandogya Upanishad 3.14.1)

“Brahman is Reality, Knowledge, and Infinity.” (Taittiriya Upanishad 2.1.3)

CHIT (Consciousness)

“Brahman is Consciousness.” Sanskrit: prajnanam brahma. (Aitareya Upanishad 3.1.3)


“Brahman is bliss (ananda).” (Taittiriya Upanishad 3.6.1)

“The infinite is bliss. There is no bliss in anything finite. Only the Infinite is bliss. One must desire to understand the Infinite.” … (Chandogya Up. 7.23.1)

silence meditation

(S)He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.
— Elbert Hubbard

Here is a wonderful series of a talk on mysticism by some deeply enriched souls

The Dark Night of the soul

is a time of spiritual cleansing – it happens to many on the path at some stage and it can happen more than once. It’s a dark process where the soul seems to leave as the battle of the ego fights for control – Here is a couple of really good articles to help describe further 🙂

The dark night of the soul by Brian Alger

 Dark night of the soul by K Ferlic

 The dark night of the soul by Gary Mcgee

Warm Blessings


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  1. Hi Megsie, I love your site. It is a real treasure of fun and the sacred. I love the contemporary edge you have on it. Bringing the light into the real issues we face as humans. Thanks from my heart.
    Love Julia

  2. You have tapped into some other consciousness there, that’s for sure. Love the artistry, it really speaks to me. My mother was a mystic, I was fortunate to have learned so much from her. I believe we are an awakening universe and the more people like you open up around these truths the easier it will be to move through these times of deep change. I appreciate your narrative, it makes me happy 🙂

    1. Thanks Angelo, Would love to hear some stories about you mum if you feel so inclined. I’ve been silent for a long time about these matters, But, authenticity is a force unto itself 🙂 So glad it made you happy and I agree these times they are a chang’n.

    1. Thank you Kaye, you are wise and beautifully creative woman. Can’t wait to see your ‘life after death’ and healing story being told and shared. It is an an important and powerful one.
      much love
      Megan x

  3. Wow, That was like a night at the theatre. I love your interpretation of the mystical and spirituality. There is a real feeling of Tantra in your work. Such a gift you impart. Thanks so much.

    1. Happy you had a good night out at Larrisa, I’m a pagan at heart, just recently realised a lot of the spontaneous meditations and rituals that have come to me over the years are described in the tantra texts – it’s all the same finger pointing to the same sunlit moon 🙂
      Lot of love

  4. Hi Megan’ I am wondering if you are a teacher? I really resonate with your teachings and feel it would be good to speak to someone who is sincere to help me with some issues I am having. Also, love the intuitive art.

    1. Hi Kim,
      No I am not a teacher, I am a sharer. I do counseling, helping people get beyond anxiety and depression and understanding if they have had an awakening that is causing suffering etc, using meditation and self inquiry and then pointing them to their own spirit (path).. If a teacher is needed they will come, but I do not have the dharma of teaching, I am simply sharing here, as a force arose within me recently to do so :). Micheal Rodrigues ( and Sri M are the Dharma teachers I feel are most masterful, sincere and thorough.
      Warm blessings
      Megsie x

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