Neurosis, Consciousness and Spiritual Bypassing

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spiritual bypassing

If you are not experiencing neurosis on some level, you can’t possibly be experiencing oneness.

spiritual bypass
human enlightenment

You may be hanging out on a plane of pure consciousness, in an ocean without its fish.

cosnciousness bliss

A little like planet Earth at the moment.

spritual nonduality
No Earth

You’ve missed the boat, as it were. Not fully anchored in reality.

You have obviously bypassed  the mass consciousness, (that in my observation) is currently the all pervading sea of neurosis,; our postmodern crisis.

neurosis of the soul
Dante’s missed boat (after Delacroix)

You are seeing the Guru.. oops I mean the moon and forgotten the finger that points to it.

How can you point to the moon without the finger?
spiritual bypassing
no finger no moon

A master of consciousness may be omniscient, omnipresent and although they may be residing in a state of pure awareness or consciousness itself, then its only a matter of time before they come into contact with this neurosis that the rest of the world is apparently swimming in.

consciousness spiritual

Let’s Take Amma for instance, the hugging saint.

She cries with people’s pain, laughs with people’s blissful hearts

She is a human Being

You can see/ hear about this in this great interview from BATGAP

If there is no cup how can it poureth over
No cup to fill
If there is no heart how can the poet love and leaf you

 And as the dawn
Into the play
Of life
The fading of the sun
Into the illumination
of the moon
As darkness
So to the leaves
Come and go
Merging back into
The earth
Of which
They appear
To have come
Akin to our hearts

consciousness nature
the nature of consciousness
There is no dance without Shakti

Shiva (awareness/pure consciousness) cannot dance without Shakti (energy).

The Goddess wants to dance

nondual deva

The sounds of the universe wanted to manifest.

Sarasvati wanted to inspire

even the Rishis knew this

Language wanted to form

Consciousness is force

Space/Void   Fire    Air    Water    Earth

nondual lovers

There are many perspectives, many languages, many truths, many half truths
enlightened perspective
one jar many perspective
Sorry I got a little carried away in my imagination

so where was I..

Oh that’s right I said something like oneness includes neurosis – the collective consciousness. Why did I say that?

Because, if you are one with all, you would be feeling the neurosis that is all pervading the consciousness that is prevalent in the world psyche.

It’s called spiritual bypassing.

It’s called avoidance in basic psychology.

So who do think you are? you may say.

spiritual awakening
Hi! I’m Megsie

I’m a nobody

with a body


In good form


I was a spiritual bypasser

My spiritual bypassing

Some years back (maybe 9 or 10), I had an experience in my kitchen whilst cooking dinner for my child.

I had been meditating religiously, well actually non religiously, (there’s that perspective problem again), after a spiritual awakening or mystical experience (5 years previously).

I was experiencing many psychological shifts and was beginning to understand more about myself, as I had been in witnessing state for many years.

I was ignorant to enlightenment, yoga and had little knowledge other than my experiences. The only reference point I had was my spiritual/mystical experiences as a child, which I had long deserted.

Things were a little tuff, I was a single parent, working full time, studying and didn’t have a lot of support.

we were happy in our love and play

Although I was feeling sincere inner peace ( a sweet abiding residue of my original ‘Awakening’), was practicing attachment and mindfulness parenting and enjoyed my life, I was also witnessing an intense psychological stress about the future and the well being of my child.

This stress would present itself as fear, sometimes an overwhelming terror.

This stress had become constant for a number of months, so i stopped studying.

I was meditating 2 hrs a day (and had done so everyday for 5 years) and had begun to go into spontaneous deep contemplation for 4 hours each night after I put my child to bed.

Many realisations had begun to churn in me during this time. Deep realisations about the nature of reality and how my mind was working.

nondual painting

I seemed to be a witness to all this and would watch the streams of consciousness flow into me as I stared upon the stars in the night sky.

Then one night in the kitchen I was making dinner for my child, as she was doing her homework. The stress was building in my mind, as it has been for some time, an undercurrent of the enjoyment we were sharing, as I was helping her with her math.

I felt as though I was going to explode and couldn’t take anymore.

spiritual bypassing

Just as the stress was peaking (i had never experienced it like this before), I said to myself ‘everything is as it should be’ (a mantra I had adopted some years back from a Buddhist article I had read somewhere).

This triggered something profound in me and I felt an energy or a force from these words, I could feel my consciousness shifting.

Then a force of energy went from the center of my mind and permeated my entire body and I felt an intense bliss.

At the same time i felt the vibration of the words (everything is as it should be) permeating every cell of my body (if that makes sense) and it became such a clear reality, a consciousness unto itself. I was that thought.

I then felt a wave of energy move from my lower back up my spine. It was blissful. Fully embodied joy and ecstasy overcame me. It seemed to explode out of my head and then return to fill my entire body.

There were no longer any thoughts. My body felt light, empty. My whole being full of peace, love, bliss.

I looked around the kitchen and there seemed to be no separation between me and the kitchen. I was the stove, the cupboards, the floor; all of it. It was as though we had merged into one. I looked over at my daughter and I saw her thriving and happy with joy and again felt no separation.

All the stress had gone.
consciousness angel

This was followed by a spontaneous deep laughter. It was as though I had seen the big joke. Everything, even my stress seemed so funny, so laughable, so unreal.

This lasted for about 2  or 3 years. This feeling of oneness and bliss. No stress at all. It was glorious.

I became a spiritual bypasser

For a long time I felt pure connectedness or a oneness to everyone and everything.

I no longer saw people as their form, I no longer heard their stories, I only saw them as pure spirit, as joy, as bliss.

I mean don’t get me wrong, there were also many other beatific byproducts of this state, such as the illumination of things, all became sweet with light, colours began to appear magnificent (like when one falls in love).

Nature danced with me, as me.

Oh the sweet songs of the trees

conscious you are

Let me dance your song

Oh sweet lover

you can do no wrong

spiritual trees

Visions appeared, knowings, sounds of the universe, the nectar of nature threw me into raptures of delight. Tears fell like ninpins, spontaneously, as I saw peoples pain stories and their glories.

Uproarious laughter filled my heart and mind. Sometimes appropriately, often inappropriately.

I would say terrible things in crisis like ‘its all an illusion, you are not that.”

I thought I knew the way. I thought I was the gift of the matriarch. I thought I was helping.

Then one day it all came flooding back, all the subconscious muck that I had ignored, all the problems of the world came flooding into my consciousness..

I went into the darkness. I was a fallen angel.
spirtual awakening
Empty the goddam cup

I began the process of emptying my cup

In my oneness experience of 3 years, i didn’t feel any suffering and it was wonderful and although I felt connected or as everything, I’m not sure that was the whole picture. I mean the neurosis of the world that returned certainly had to be dealt with :).

I care

I had to deal with my karma.

Take full responsibility for my life


On a new level

Become intimate with my shadow

with deep compassion

and grow up

Warm blessings


Here is a talk on spiritual bypassing by a very direct and joyful Indian teacher of the yogic path

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14 Replies to “Neurosis, Consciousness and Spiritual Bypassing”

  1. I love your art and your way of expressing. Thank you for sharing parts of your self, It is beautiful and raw.

  2. This piece was somewhat confronting and aroused a lot of emotions in me. Although it has a playful slant, it raises big issues. I am deeply grateful to have come across you and your creative input into spirituality. There is an innocence to your message that touched me. Your daughter is very lucky to have such a great mum. Can I contact you, I have some questions to ask.
    Warm Regards

    1. Hi Sarah yes it is true, I think the humour that comes through within the creative process may make it seem somewhat unreal or spoof like as you put it, it’s good to laugh at our infallibility 🙏

  3. Hi there, I love this blog. Your art is unique, which shows that you are not coming from dogma, which I think is an important reminder for modern spirituality. Also, I love how you include external links. This is helpful. I look forward to more insights and creative insights. Thanks a lot.
    Love Nino

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