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spiritual retreat bali

Spiritual Retreat Bali – Ubud

ESSENCE of BALI – June 1-5 2019
spiritual retreat Bali
The offering
The offering


Nature  Meditation  Yoga  Tranquility  Freedom
5 day luxurious wilderness and inner peace retreat in Divine
A Spiritual Sanctuary

womens retreat bali

Our Vision


I believe human beings are naturally spiritual, wise and creative. These qualities, yet not always experienced, are always within us. Are our innate Selves.

Being a part of a retreat in nature is a way to awaken to our innate being, spirit and wellness. Our aspiration at Essence Of Bali is to provide women with a space to relax and reunite with and experience their authentic Self in a conducive environment – on their own terms; individual dharma.

We are here to support and guide with wisdom, strength and kindness, along with providing practices, yet believe each person has the capacity to follow their own rhythms. We call this Impowerment … and freedom!

The idea is pure enjoyment and spiritual nourishment
art therapy retreat bali
Emptying out
ESSENCE of BALI – June 1-5 2019 (max 15 Women)

The Rooms are exquisite with abundant outdoor spaces to sit quietly and just BE!

(the property is 30 minutes from Ubud Markets)

Traditional offerings of gratitude and respect are made daily.

womans prayer
Prayer to the Gods

Retreat Spiritual offerings

Daily light Asanas (Yoga) & Meditation  |  Daily Massage | Local Healer visit  |  Full moon Fire Ceremony

Chanting | Onsite Counselling | Art therapy | Sound & Crystal Healing Ubud | Temple Visit

Holistic Vegan Vegetarian (meat options) meals. All produce organic and locally grown and all meat is ethically sourced. The owner has a integral consciousness around animal cruelty.

“Megan tends to laugh a lot (when she isn’t in deep contemplation), so we are also expecting (with no attachments) to have a little bit of good old fashion fun!

This however could not be on the schedule as it is a spontaneous affair 🙂

Our Retreat Participants

Our retreats are for beginners, advanced practitioners as well as non-practitioners.

They are designed for total relaxation, chilling out, healing and/or immersing yourself in Sadhana (spiritual practice).

Personally I like both!

The idea is pure enjoyment and spiritual nurturing
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The Property

A Spiritual Sanctuary

The path to The property  still winds its way through the rice fields. Farmers smile and say “Hello” and the ducks, muttering to themselves and busy at work, still ignore us. We continue to make daily offerings of gratitude and respect in the traditional Balinese way and to marvel at the beauty that surrounds us. – Owner

Tucked away from the tourists in the Rice Fields, half an hour from UBUD is a beautiful Spiritual Balinese family, that through many years of hard work and spiritual devotion, have created a tranquil oasis on the edge of the Balinese jungle and West End Therapies has secured the entire property for five days in June.The property has quite literally grown out of the land it is built upon.  We started in the rice fields and jungle, and before breaking ground we had local priests perform the vital ceremonies asking permission of the gods and goddesses to build here.

It’s Outrageously Beautiful
The Yoga practice and sharing circle look out into an expansive garden surrounded by jungle.

Perfect for spiritual nourishment and sun salutations!

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Spiritual Retreat Bali

Meditation | Yoga

The daily schedule consists of morning and evening light Asana (yoga) sessions with a local instructor and one morning guided meditation and one evening silent or singing bowl meditation. These are optional as our retreat aims to promote freedom and natural personal rhythm.

Vedas by the Pool

A dream come true! Megan will be doing Upanishad, Gita (Bhagavad) readings and/or readings from Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Synthesis of Yoga’, By the pool; with open discussion. Megan will also be offering onsite counseling through out the retreat. It is encouraged to use these counseling sessions to share or move compassionately through any deep emotions or issues that may arise as one immerses themselves in themselves and the still environment.

At other times Megan may be found in deep meditation (her specialty) at times throughout the property, please feel free to join her (quietly of course).


A local spirit healing is also on offer. This involves a day trip to the healers village and a water hole were a traditional 7 part healing will take place in the river system. An alternative to this is the opportunity to have a healing on the property with a local healer that offers a consultation on by reading ones energy and life path.

The Tao and Wu Wei

We encourage Wu Wei (Tao word meaning ‘doing nothing’) and are happy if you want to sit and just be or wander the property or lay by the pool. Each of us has our own healing needs, body rhythms as well as individual psyches (or soul) and life challenges (although we are all connected) and therefore we encourage each individual to move about the day as they will.

Many people have busy lives or are transitioning through intense emotional situations; being adsorbed in the stillness and biorhythms of nature may be the healing required.

Body Work

A daily massage will also be available by the local property body workers, (the best in town, apparently).

Ceremony | Woman’s Circle | Fire Dance

We will also be having a sharing circle one evening or afternoon and as we will be blessed with an auspicious (Balinese) full moon (June 3) we will also be having a fire ceremony.

Sound or Crystal healing Yoga Barn

A day trip to UBUD to attend the infamous Yoga barn is also included; a crystal or sound healing will be available during this trip.The Yoga Barn does not do booking so we will do our best to get there early. We would be sad if you missed out on the UBUD experience.

Temple Visit

We will also be offering a trip to the temple and are hoping to organise a traditional ceremony which is rare for westerners.

Buddhist Monk Satsang

WE are also currently trying our hardest to get a local Monk from the Buddhist monastery to share our time and to give one or two evening or daytime talks on ‘Loving Kindness and Compassion’ and ‘Maintaining spiritual practice in everyday life”


Vegan and Vegetarian menus are the focus but meat is also avail. there will be three meals per day in buffet style however if you have particular needs we can possibly organise something with the chef. There are kitchens provided within the houses so if you prefer to make your own food that will be fine. You will have to source food from a market beforehand or you can get a driver (extra cost) to take you into UBUD or a local village. 3 daily meals per day are included in costs to make things easy, so this would be an added personal cost.I usually like to take some veges and rice so I can have some self cooked silent meals.

All activities, food and accommodation is included in the package.

Retreat runs from June 1-5 2019 – Book retreat here

Warm blessings megan
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