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Welcome To Non duality

where no one is doing anything and all is Bliss!!!

In the deep stillness, the silence; time folds in on itself.

There is no me, no I, no thing.

non duality
Time folding in on itself

I merge into the vastness. Not this, not this, I’m not even that.

     Then, I am that

nondualism union

I experience love and I want to share it with other beings who are this or that.

                         But, if there is no me, how can I do that 🙂 non-duality

Non duality is a philosophical and early Hindu and late Zen Buddhist concept that the absolute reality consists of no separate self, no thing, no time and no space. That what we think we are and see as separate is Maya ‘Illusion’ or not real.

It’s called Advaita Vedanta, in Hindu meaning ‘not two’ – indicating a oneness. It came later in Buddhism, with Nagarjuna’s (2nd century) writings on emptiness. We see this also in Einstein’s space-time theory.

It’s a tricky one to get your head around. That’s why Indian philosophy and Einstein both point to clearing the mind of distractions (thoughts), so that this can be realised. non-duality

But, as Rick Archer (BATGP) says: “What if I stub my toe, someone in China isn’t feeling it”.

So non duality becomes misunderstood as the transcendent, non-toe feeler.

Individuality does not die in Brahman

This picture came into my mind when I was meditating one day recently, so I drew it, that’s what I do. I call it creativity… n-duality

Afterwards, I was thinking about how when we stop and be still, time seems to fold in on itself. Life is still happening, we are just not experiencing in lineal time constructs. non-duality

I thought the saying “I’ll be there in no time’ was funny because: If there is no time, no place to go, then

I’ll be there in no time


I like the way Jaq Okeeth  discusses nonduality here

Non dual communication is like non-communication

warm blessings


Non duality is awakening to oneness Now by transforming through yoga



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